Friday, June 26, 2009

My new swap.

My friend Penney works full time now. Her husband, Matt, has a schedule that allows him to be home with the kids a couple days a week. But now he's going to work an extra shift, and we're going to have a Mom/Dad swap. I'm thrilled.

Matty and Grace got married today. I went in the toy room when the younger ones were napping. Matty told me about the upcoming nuptials, and had even made an invitation. Gracie told me they really needed a flower girl. Or a flower boy. I told them that I was really busy cleaning up, but maybe Jack or Joey could be a flower boy after naps. (I know, bad mom. But it is a lot of kids to clean up after!)

About half hour later I heard Matty tell Grace, "I'm really glad you're my husband now!"

There is trouble in paradise, though. Not too long after that, Grace said to Matty, "I'll still be your friend. I just don't want to be your husband!"

Just as well. Matt swears Matty never asked him for his blessing.


I left my camera outside when we went inside and the Four Year Olds took a few pictures for me. When we went back outside I couldn't find Matty's swim trunks, so I put different ones on him.

"Matty, where are your swim trunks?"

"I don't know."

"Really? You never saw them out here?"

"No, Mom, I don't know."

"Then can you look at this picture?"

"Sorry, Mommy."

'Twas a good day. Happy Weekend, God bless you all...


Tanya said...

I'm glad you figured out a swap; sounds perfect!

sis amy said...

Yeah, plus on the marriage. i never got my invite....;( So CUTE are they!!!!!!!!!

MindiJo said...

That's cute. Love the shorts.

Penney said...

Love Love our kiddos!! Love the shorts story too, Matty is so darn cute!

Laura Jean said...

Again, I love the Peterson boys! Glad you get to swap again! :)