Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I heart Crate & Barrel

I've always loved Crate & Barrel. I love their product. I love their customer service. I love my packages being wrapped up carefully and put into the bag or carefully packed into a box. Even a box with handles for heavy packages.

We got a new bed. So when the Summer Sale brochure came from C&B last week and I saw the Egyptian Cotton sheets on sale in that lovely shade of green for more than half off, I really wanted them. Of course they sold out online right away. So, on Sunday, I called C&B in Edina (apparently our only Twin Cities C&B left), and asked Ryan if they have them in stock. After a short hold, he told me that they do not have them in stock at the store, but do have them in their central warehouse. He told me that they'd ship them to my house for free. Free. My favorite word. When I gave him my name, he already had my address on file from my other purchases there. It took but a moment for him to get it all set up and ship them to me.

Then, today, when I went to the mailbox, he had mailed me my receipt. With a thank you note. And yes, it made me feel warm and tingly. Because I've always been a person who will drive further and pay more for good service. I am, admittedly, a Good Service Junkie. And Ryan, and Crate & Barrel, remain at the top of that list for me.

Now I just can't wait for those sheets!


andy said...

Are they high thread count sheets? Ugh, I didn't know how good life could be until I had high thread count sheets. They make me coo. Yay for C&B!

ethiopifinn said...

you make me want to shop there! :) i love nice sheets.

Leah said...

The older I get, the more I appreciate a good quality product AND good customer service. It's clear that really great stores understand that concept and engrain it in their employees.
Yay for your great find, Leanne!

Elizabeth said...

I heart C&B too. My much beloved coffee table is from that store - and I love that coffee table like you wouldn't believe. (I know, I know .. they say you shouldn't get attached to things .. but I believe in loving the things I have. ;)

They are very good at wrapping!

And yes - good customer service rocks.