Monday, June 8, 2009


My brother Stevey graduated from high school last weekend. He's the sweetest boy you'll ever meet. Ever since he was little, he has had a super soft heart. I remember him always taking care of Ryan, hugging him when he was crying. Once, in the car, I remember him looking at Ryan in his infant seat and saying, "I love you, Buddy."

I know he'll be a good man. He's smart and funny and I like him. :)

(I stole this picture from Laura because I liked what she did with it. I especially love Jack sneaking in the Sisters picture. Worth mentioning: we are missing the oldest sister in this photo)


Laura Jean said...

Oh Jack-Jack. :D

MindiJo said...

Plus, even I made it there. Wouldn't have missed Stevey graduating for the world! ;)

What?! Nuh-uh! Leanne did not have to point Stevey out to me. You liar.