Thursday, August 27, 2009

Current Events

I've been thinking about the following today. There are other important things to discuss besides health care reform, right? Here are some things that sparked my interest this week and my reactions/responses:

1. Jaycee Dugard. Amazing. I can't wait to hear the rest of this story. As a parent, there could be no greater horror than losing your child. And never hearing what happened to them. I do not think I could survive. I am praising God for her reunion with her mother and pray that they find the resources to heal from this incredible tragedy.

2. Michael Vick. I am really torn emotionally on this one. On one hand, his crime was horrendous. On the other hand, he did his time under the law. Should he not get a second chance? What do you think? Are there crimes that are unforgivable? Which, of course, would lead to a really good discussion about True Forgiveness. I'd love your thoughts.

3. Mike Perham. How about this kid?! Rock on, dude. How do you inspire your children to be all they can be? I had a facebook friend saying that her neighbor - 18-year-old football player - always stops and buys lemonade from the kids when they sell it. How to I get that kid? Honestly. I feel like my greatest goal is to raise honorable men. Heaven help me. Literally.

I'd love your thoughts!


elizabeth said...

I was half-way following Zac Sunderland, who did the same thing, only he went in the other direction. I think he's 5 months older than Mike and just finished in July. :)

I believe that nothing is unforgiveable. For one thing, I don't think that in the end it's up to us. :) Forgiveness, however, does not necessarily mean forgetting. If someone hurt me more than once, I would forgive them, but that doesn't mean I would give them the chance to do it again.

Anonymous said...

I think football is Vick's job, and since he served his time, he should be allowed going back to work.


MindiJo said...

About the kidnapping. Amazing story! That's a wonderful thing.
Michael Vick? Don't have much of an opinion on that. I guess I never gave it a second thought.

What am I doing on here? I'm sick today- you should feel lucky I checked your blog. ;) First time off the couch. FYI.

Laura said...

The kidnapping story makes me horribly ill. I cannot fathom anything about it. I am thankful that she is "free" but after 18 years I worry that her true freedom may be a long and extreme process.
The story about her rescue was awesome though and I watched it on Nightline tonight.
Plus the 2 girls that she had- It is sickening what they have lived through. Can they ever be "normal"?

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

The Jaycee story has me sick to my stomach... Such a heartwrenching bittersweet story!

I haven't really given the Vick story much attention. So, I don't have an opinion.

Speaking of Mike Perham, what about the 13 yr. old Dutch girl? I thought 17 seemed so young... I realize age is only a number, but at least he was almost 18. IMO, it still seemed way too young for a solo sail around the world. I think 13 is ludicrous of her parents to even be thinking about it much less ready to let her do it. I just read she's in temporary state custody...

~ Jennifer

MindiJo said...

Obviously I was a bit sick when I wrote my comment. The kidnapping was horrible, but it's amazing that she is found. How wonderful for her parents. However, they have a lot of stuff to deal with from here on out. Ugh.