Friday, August 7, 2009

Postre, por favor!

I'm trying to come up with ideas for Spanish or Mexican desserts. We're hosting an anniversary party later this month. We landed on a Mexican menu...taco bar, Mexican appetizers, drinks, etc. I have a Mexican Fiesta cookbook, and from there, I intend to try Sopapilla Cheesecake, Mexican Macaroons, and the pictured Mexican Sugar cookies I tried tonight (Which, by the way, are those melt-in-your-mouth cookies. I detest that texture.).

Do you have any good suggestions that I can make for a large group, preferably ahead of time...? I'd LOVE some more ideas!


Scandy said...

Look up Tres Leches cake if you want to have an "adult" version. Such creamy yumminess...I've never made it but my friend Eric does on occasion and it is truly a glorious Latin dessert.

elizabeth said...

I had to look up Tres Leches cake when I read this blog post this morning (no ideas so didn't comment) and it sounded fabulous. I cannot stop thinking about it. And then I watched Julie and Julie which got me thinking about cooking. Why oh why do I not have condensed milk and cream and rum just sitting in my cupboard waiting to be used?!

MindiJo said...

MMMMMMM. They have this fantastic Mexican Restaurant that Aimee and I used to go to when she lived here. You can get deep fat fried Cheesecake or Snickers. Delish. Sinfully Delish. I know that's not what you are asking for, but 'tis what I love. Once a year.

I know that Schwans has something called Apple Flatas that are good. I don't know of a lot of Mexican desserts because I never make it that far with room in my belly, but Zane loves Flan. It's a custard-like dessert. Check it out.

Leanne said...

A: Gracias. My SIL already found a recipe she's going to try out.

E: Sorry! I wish you had those things too. Rush to your nearest grocery. It'll be worth it!

M: Flan is so popular, but it's way too putzy for a group of at least 50 people. Plus I don't think you could make it very far ahead. The sopapilla cheesecake will taste very much like deep fried cheesecake, I imagine. :) I'll definitely check out Schwans...doesn't get a lot easier than that!

Scandy said...

Oooh...lemme know how it goes!