Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Scent of a Woman

Jack just walked in the living room.

With a wrinkled nose, he asked, "Whassat smell?"

Me: "I'm not sure Jack. Does it smell stinky or good?"

Jack, nose still wrinkled, "Smells like Mommy. Yeah. Smells like Mommy."

And promptly walked away before I could determine if I should be flattered or very worried. I'll refresh the deoderant. Just in case.


elizabeth said...


i think you should submit that to reader's digest :)


Julie L. said...

lol.... that's funny!

ethiopifinn said...

gotta love that boy!
i am so grinning over here :)

Laura Jean said...

ROFL! I do love my Jack-Jack. I mean, your Jack-Jack. Who smells you. :D

MindiJo said...


Laura said...

This made me laugh out loud. An actual chuckle. Not at the story, Olli has a tendency to announce things like this that make me paranoid too, but at the way you wrote, "refreshed your deodrant".
You are a good writer.