Sunday, August 9, 2009

Hometown Heartstrings

Today I went to Cokato for an Open House and Mary's 1oth Birthday Party (yes, Marilyn, Peg!). My mom was kind enough to watch the rugrats from 1:00 - 3:00 for the Open. I dropped them off, and headed to town. As I was waiting to turn from 100 to Hwy 12, a car was turning north on 100. The driver rolled through the turn and then rolled down his window. I was SO HAPPY to see Glenn. We had a short (as you can imagine) conversation, during which we expressed happiness to see each other, and I wished him well with all the good things he has going on. I drove away tickled that we all grew up. That we all, regarldess of past, wish each other well and that sense of humanity was really welcome and refreshing.

Later, on my way back to pick up the kids, I drove by the neighbors and they were all outside playing ball. Ben gave me a wave. Whether or not he knew it was me, I was filled with that "hometown" feeling. A feeling you can only get from being raised in a small town. The kind where you wave at every passing car, because more than likely, you know them.

As the Corn Carnival opens tomorrow, I hope to have many more of these moments!


MindiJo said...

I love that about a small town. And I don't think you appreciate it until you live away from it. I know what you mean, I'm almost overwhelmed by it when I go home.

Wish I could have been the one running into Glenn! I'll see him soon enough.

ethiopifinn said...

i was shocked just now, as I popped back in to think about hometown heartstrings, finding no new comments. what is up with that? :) i love this post!

when my sister katie moved out to dazzle, we were all so tickled about the waves. i love that you could reconnect at the one and only light.

ethiopifinn said...

oh, not at the light. that is just where i was remembering your meeting... now i get the picture a little clearer, having refreshed with a re-read.

ah, cowtown, how i love thee.

Tara said...

I felt the same way at the Corn Carnival, Leanne. Just running into so many familiar people is comforting. I love it. BTW - my word verification word is 'Trolorp'. Very close to being insulting. :-)

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

It's always comforting to go 'home' to familiar faces isn't it.

Having not grown up in a small town, I especially appeciate the small town atmosphere. It was a whole new world to me when I first moved out to Cowtown years ago, and I fell in love. There is just something about it.

I love living in a small town now, too, where everyone waves to everyone on the backroads--and if they don't, you know they're probably not a 'local'.

It just gets a little exasperating when you're driving down the highway and you're sitting right next to a guy who thinks it's 'fun' to wave to *everyone* he passes! ;)

Shirls said...

LOVE this post! I usually go "home"--which is what it will ALWAYS be home home Dassel and here-WI home. Anyway, I usually go home on the weekends but the last time I was home during the week, end of July. I met Jamie for lunch and on my way back to my parent's one of John Denver's songs came on and something about being home and seeing something...I can't think of it now but it got me all choked up! It wasn't the back country roads song but another one and it was so true! Sometimes I WISH I did not live in WI but still in the DC area.

How fun to run into a friend on the road and rolled your windows door and exchange a quick conversation--I LOVE IT!