Tuesday, September 15, 2009

30 Hours

I had 30 hours to myself this week. Like...ALL to myself. No husband, no kids. Amazing how therapeutic that can be for a mom. Here are the things I discovered/learned:

1. Silence is golden. And kind of strange at first when you're not used to it.

2. The house stays very clean when I'm the only one in it.

3. Time for Mom is the greatest gift a Grandma can give.

4. Sleeping in is very foreign. But dreamy. Literally.

5. I can get more done in six hours alone than 40 hours with kids

6. I love my mom.

7. The boys bond better with Grandma when Mom isn't there.

8. There are a lot of mosquitos in the country and my boys are wearing proof of that.

9. It's good for City Boys to act like Country Boys once in awhile.

10. I missed them.

11. I still miss Cory. Four more days!


elizabeth said...

I'm glad that you enjoyed it - and that your boys enjoyed it!

MindiJo said...

Lucky you. Sandra is wonderful.
30 hours sounds DREAMY.