Monday, September 28, 2009

Is Spectating a Sport?

Saturday we went to the Plymouth 5k. Krista and her hubby were running, and a bunch of other people I knew (including these two rock star Plymouth firefighters, Mike and Michael, who did it in fire gear). I thought it would be fun to go cheer them on. I've been to the Twin Cities marathon a few years and it's so great to watch! Those runners are such an inspiration and really appreciate the spectators cheering them on.

I will never run a marathon. I'm pretty sure that if I'm going 26.2 miles, I'm gonna drive there. I admire those with determination to do it, I'm just not one of them. I'll go down to the river and watch the marathoners, I'll give them the support they deserve. It's an achievement for athletes, and I hold them in high regard.

But I could run a 5k. I saw runners who were obviously struggling (and heard stories of some who were struggling, but it wasn't obvious), but they did it anyway. And 3.2 miles is nothing to sneeze at. It does take a measure of discipline to be able to complete it. I actually ran one once. I finished near the end with two elderly (and by elderly, I mean 70s...?) gentlemen who encouraged me the whole way. I don't remember my time, but I remember the feeling of accomplishment. And I want that again.

How about you? Do you run? Have you set a recent goal? Inspire me!


Leanne said...

I am considering Couch to 5k.

Megan Lorraine said...

I love the I'm gonna drive there before I run sentance! That is my sentament exactly. I do admire those who run a marathon though. Lots of physical and mental training. My recent goal is to get into shape... I was off to a great start, but then had to work all weekend and totally fell off the bandwagon,

Julie said...

I used to run but I enjoy distance running (can't find my groove or love for it 'til mile 8) and it's rough on the old joints so I had to stop.

You should do a couch to 5k! You said you ran a race before- don't you love that feeling of finishing? I mean, I was one of the stragglers in the TCM but I tell you, finishing = one of the best moments of my life. It doesn't matter the distance or even what the goal is- it's just working toward and doing one of those things that you think "I could probably never do that"... Then you DID it and it opens a whole new world of possibilities! :) So, go for it!

My current goal is to finish physical therapy (re: old joints) within the next few months and get stronger so I can attend yoga classes and learn to rock climb!

elizabeth said...

You should try Couch to 5K. I've known lots of people who completed it and loved it. Come to think of it, some of them became marathoners. ;)

I wrote a whole post a while back on my current thoughts about my running. Let's just say that there was no mention of running in it, LOL.

I never found my groove until about m4, and the pup is very stop-and-start so it made it hard to get into the groove at all with him attached to me.

ethiopifinn said...

If spectating is a sport, then I was quite the sporty gal back in the day. Don't even spectate anymore. Ack!

My secret goal is to get to the bottom of this question: why did I get all teary when I read about the senior dudes cheering you on? (and a major lump in my throat as I wrote the question! what the?)

I'm assuming couch to 5k is a training program?

Fire up for runnin!

Krista said...

You should, Leanne! I used to think I maybe had mild asthma and would NEVER be able to run more than a mile. Now I can run 5 miles without too much difficulty and realize that I wasn't asthmatic - I just had zero endurance. I would definitely recommend finding a running partner who runs at about your pace - or even better, just a tad faster than your pace to motivate you! It is always hard work, but you just feel so good and accomplished when you finish. :)

elizabeth said...

Hey .. I have an idea .. if you want to try Couch to 5K and want a training buddy, I'll do it with you. What the heck .. it's fall, I like projects .. and I've never managed to stick to a training program yet (it's the inner rebel in me) - this would be a good challenge! :)

MindiJo said...

Zane wants me to do a triathlon with him next summer. If we are still here. We'll see. I've been swimming, I can't run right now and I need a bike. Hmmm.

Tanya said...

I had a dream last night that I ran a 5K while drinking coffee... must have been that late night mocha messing with my brain! ;-)

Tara said...

I'd love to also do a *small* triathalon someday, but running does scare me. The biking part I have down, and I could get the swimming down, but I can't run more than about a few hundred feet, then I quit!! I really should give it more effort...I'd love to do a 5k.