Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mindi's Giveaway

My friend Mindi is pretty smart. In the past year, she's gotten her finances in order. Big time. She's a follower of Dave Ramsey. She has a private blog, but since she feels so strongly about the benefits of his program, she wants to extend the giveaway to the readers of my blog. If you follow hers, feel free to enter there. If you're interested in winning an online session or an in-person class, feel free to sign up here.

Please know that I already entered. I kind of want to win, but getting serious about our finances scares me. I know that's ridiculous, but no question I'm the spender in this family, and I'll have some habits to change. And change can be scary, but it can be GOOD.

Here is her information:

So I took Dave Ramsey's FPU and L.O.V.E.D. it. Have I ever told you that? And I've always wanted to give his class away to someone who really needs and/or wants it. It's invaluable information and I want to share. I want you to love it like I love it. (Remember: his class can benefit everyone. From someone severely in debt, to someone who just needs to learn about insurance, real estate, investing, etc. Basically, everyone.)

After browsing his website and seeing that it is on special, I decided now is the time. I even called Dave Ramsey's office and secured the special price until the end of this month, to make sure I am covered. You'll learn things like that in his course. I giggled and told the customer service rep that I wouldn't pay full price because I took the course and I'm smarter than that.So, (ahhhhh! I'm letting out a scream. I'm a little nervous and a little giddy. It's a big deal to me.) that's what I'm going to do. I'm offering a drawing for either an online class or (better yet) an actual class. If it's offered in your area. The lucky winner can pick which one they want.

And I'm drawing the name on Saturday, September 19th at 11:59 a.m., MST.To enter, you need to solemnly swear that you will follow through and take FPU. Please. Because I know that there are some of you who won't win that truly will invest their time into it. So, please, do that for me? It's a big deal to me. Thanks.

Good luck! May the biggest spender win. Hehe.


elizabeth said...

Not entering, just a comment to say what a great giveaway - and good luck to you, Leanne!

I love talking about money. It is sad to me that it is seen as such a taboo topic to discuss in public and that there is this air of secrecy around it like no other topic. For pity's sake, I cringed at even telling my parents how much I make. But it is all so fascinating and we could all learn so much from each other if we would just discuss it openly. I miss living near my friend Jenny because I was able to talk about it with her.

Anyway .. one of the financial columnists at MSN Money started a finances forum back when I was finishing up the work of getting my finances in order. I really liked it and found it helpful. I'd actually still post on it but it doesn't work in my Safari browser and I am too lazy to use two browsers:


I'm assuming that if you were to take an FPU class, you'd be able to discuss things pretty openly, and sometimes that really helps. :)

I have a few lingering habits that probably aren't the greatest - and I may have to curb them as of next spring. ;)

MindiJo said...

Thanks, Leanne. You are the best!

Jo said...

I'd do it! <3

Amanda Kay said...

[Big sigh] I would LOVE to win...but I would feel dishonest because we are stepping off of his plan at the moment to buy a house....if only this giveaway was in a couple of months instead of now...

AWESOME AWESOME giveawy!!!! Once you read Dave Ramsey, you want everyone to clear up their finances and get somewhere with life!

Can I post this link on my blog?

MindiJo said...

Sure, Amanda. Go ahead. It's almost time for the drawing!

Sara P. said...

This sounds exciting! I am still waiting on the book from the Library but from everything I've heard from my sisters - my life is about to change!!

Thanks for this fun giveway, Mindi! :)

Beatle Sue said...

Pick me! Pick me! I read Total Money Makeover and we're on the road to getting out of debt. I would love love love to take his classes! We need all the encouragement and direction we can get!