Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Health Care Summit Thursday

From the President's website.

I've been waiting anxiously for tomorrow.  I realize that my "nerd alert" is all things politics lately.  But I'm okay with it.  I'm excited to watch what happens the next week and a half in Washington.  I'll not be streaming it live, but I'll be paying attention.  Constantly.

I'm a bit of a broken record about this, but here's my opinion, once again:  This is a very big time for America.  When we look back, we are going to realize how important this health care reform decision is.  Those of us living through it, and paying attention, aren't going to realize its impact until years from now, when the new system is in place (or the old one is still in place...). 

There are hundreds of opinions about what to do.  We've discussed them here and on Facebook.  I'm a huge Public Option fan.  I think we need to have a goverment health care plan that competes with the big insurance companies who are raising their rates at an astronimical and dangerous rate.  I believe we need an option for the American people to get access to good health care at reasonable costs.  Currently, the President's plan does not include a public option.  I hope it gets added back in.

When I've been thinking about if and what to post on this subject, I decided that instead of argue what to do (heaven knows I've beaten it to death on Facebook), let's try really hard to trust the political system.

I have a friend who, when she's going to an important meeting, she asks her angels to go ahead of her.  To prepare a place for her, to calm the air, to bring peace.  I wonder if she'd be willing to send them hers to Washington tomorrow.

Whatever you do - send angels, pray, wish them it.  Do it now.  Pray for leadership, and selflessness, and that everyone come together for the good of all Americans who need them to act on their behalf at a very critical time in history. 

So that when we look back, whatever the outcome, we can say we cared.


Amy I. said...

Thank you for mentioning this! I'll definitely be paying attention too.

Julie said...

I watched part of it online- it's kind of intense. What do they hope to achieve today?

(Never mind the question, just read your FB update!)


Anonymous said...

With all respect, it's easier to say to trust our system when you agree with the people who are running it...not so when you don't trust their decision making....

Leanne said...

Oh, Anonymous. First of all, why must you be?

I hope you find some peace. Believe me, I don't trust everyone "running" our government (which I don't think is exactly an appropriate term...). I just trust that everything will be okay. And I do hope they spend this time with good intentions.

Your fear is unfortunate; I hope you can work through that.

(and if you post again, pretty please don't do it anonymously.)