Saturday, February 27, 2010

Shack Happy(?)

If time and money were no object, I'd take off right now for:

...Arizona, to see Kristin.
...Los Angeles, to see Ellen (and Phil).
...Oregon, to see Libby.
...California, to see Jen & Amy.

I want to go see my friends.  Momma is a little shack happy (although I don't know why they call it that, happiness is not my nearest emotion)!

Where do you want to go?


ethiopifinn said...

is that like stir crazy or cabin fever?

i'd love a little santa barbara about now.

Julie said...

Anywhere on the West coast or Hawaii!

Laura Jean said...

ANYWHERE where it is over 60* and sunny! I'm dying over here knowing we might not take a winter/spring vacation- we went to AZ last year and the year before, and I want out of MN NOW. I'm definitely stir-crazy!

elizabeth said...

I want to go to sleep. Dull, I know, but two sleepless nights with a sick puppy and I am done for. I don't know how you mothers do it!

I must confess that I am actually perfectly happy right here and don't want to go anywhere. Spring seems to be back again after a week of rain. And I do love Oregon.

That being said, it would be fun to visit Minn to see you. Or to visit Providence to eat at Red Stripe with Amy and Katherine. Or to visit Thailand for a week of nothing but eating and photo-ing. Or maybe Big Sur ..

It's funny how much I love Oregon. For someone who loves to travel, I would have no problem never leaving. ;)

MindiJo said...

Hope you meant Dr. Phil. ;)