Sunday, February 7, 2010

Little Feet

The only thing I love more than little boy feet are little boy hands.

Today he said, "Mom!  Watch out for the hot wava!" 
(Shoeless hot lava was the game, I guess)
I hugged him and told him that he makes me so happy.
His response, "I'm so gwad."
I'm so glad too.


Julie said...

(Smiles) So precious. Those adorable toes are made for tickling.

You play hot lava at your house, too? It's one of those great games that takes no special thought or equipment and can keep kids occupied forever.

Megan Lorraine said...

I'm going to try that one at this house! :)

Leanne said...

He was actually the victim of a hot lava game. Matthew was throwing his things into the hot lava, which was quite stressful for him.

He was so amazed at his bare feet. We haven't been sockless since August or so, and he loved it. He stepped onto the hardwood floor and said, "Oh, Mom! It's cold. Brrr!" :D

ethiopifinn said...

and oh the places they'll go! sweet tootsies

Betsy said...

My little guy (when he was littler) used to play that, too!

MindiJo said...

So cute! We love hot wava here, too.

Andy said...

Between the feet and the 'hawk, this guy is gold.