Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Learning Math

Possibly the most rewarding part of being a mother is watching my children learn.  A sample from today:

Matty:  Mom - what does 11 equal?
Me:  Equal?
Matty:  You know, when you press 11 on that little computer at grandma and grandpa's and press equal?
Me:  A calculator?
Matty:  Yeah!  A calpulator.
Me:  Well, 11 plus 11 equals 22.  And 1 plus 1 equals 2.
Matty:  Oh.  Well, what does 11 equal?  Mom.  Do we have a calpulator?
Me:  We do.  I'll get it.  (cracking up)
Matty:  Mom.  I'm serious.
Me:  I know, dude. 

If you're as confused as I was, refer to the photo. 
The answer is 222.


Julie said...

That's adorable. :D

elizabeth said...

I'm still confused. 222? *scratches head*

Cute though!

Leanne said...

You and me both, Libby. :)