Monday, November 22, 2010

Elf on a Shelf

If you have small children and are looking to start a Christmas tradition, I strongly recommend this one.  This elf (named by your children, in our house his name is Fredison) comes to visit during the holiday season.  Every night, he goes back to Santa and reports the kids' behavior.  When he comes back, he assumes a new position in another room.  It's such a treat for the kids to wake up each day to see where he's landed for that day (although I've been surprised how creative I've had to be!).

I snuck him out of the box earlier today and put him in their room, and then put the box back in the Christmas bin he came in.  When Matty found it in the decorations, he was floored that Fredison had already magically positioned himself in their room.  They spend time talking to him, and heaven knows I need actual elf eyes to keep them in line!  Ha!  Take that, rugrats.

It comes with a book that we read when we take him out, so they remember the drill.  And we re-read it at the end of the Christmas season, when the elf goes back to spend the rest of the year with Santa.

It's a sweet, magical tradition that I'm so happy we discovered when our kids were still little.  I'm certain its one they'll remember all their lives!


Tara said...

I love it!! It just adds to the magic of the season for the kids, I wish I had known about it long ago.

Julie said...

What a fun tradition! So unique. :)

RooGirlie said...

That's so cool! I'll bet the kids do have a blast with that. :D