Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

I am insanely grateful for so many blessings in my life.  I'll give you a Thanksgiving thankful list as they pop into my head.  :)

1.  My parents, my siblings, my inlaws.  My kids.  My co-mom.  My family.
2.  Cheese.
3.  Sleeping in.
4.  Jesus Christ.
5.  Kindergarten and preschool.  Teachers.
6.  Summer.
7.  New, renewed, and timeless relationships.
8.  Jen, and my childcare swap.
9.  My husbands' job.  The other firefighters.
10. Business.
11. Twitter and Facebook.
12. The Ellen Show.
13. Prime time television.
14. Couch to 5k.
15. Knowledgable doctors.
16. Peanut butter and chocolate.
18. Laughter.
19. The color green.
20. My good health.
21. Paying it forward.
22. Grace.
23. Omertà.
24. Solitude.
25. Love.
Edited to add an important 26. Employment.  Prayers for those of you looking for work.

Happy Thanksgiving, my friends.  God bless you now and forever.


Julie said...

Beautiful. Happy Thanksgiving!

Andy said...

I'm smiling very broadly. :) And, the picture is superb. Happy Thanksgiving, friend.

elizabeth said...

I love that cheese is #2. Cheese. <3

Beautiful. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

RooGirlie said...

Happy Thanksgiving, dear friend. Happy Thanksgiving. :)