Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I have been given many gifts in my life.  None of them compares to the gift of friendship.  My life is so full of amazing relationships:

A friend willing to help me out at a moment's notice.  Without even asking for it.  Who doesn't take no for an answer, and I feel no guilt because I know she wants to.

A friend spending hours and hours and hours talking about life.  About stuff that matters, and stuff that doesn't. 

A friend so loyal it actually makes my heart hurt.

One who accepts my gifts without question, because she has to.

One who loves my children as much as she does her own.

One woman who gets me.  Who has the same world views and spirituality.  A gift beyond measure, to be understood.

A friend who shares.  Who allows me to share back. 

A group of friends, a safehouse, a hiding spot, where I never doubt that I am loved. 

One who does not judge me, but challenges me. 

Friends who allow me to help them buy or sell a home. It's my business, but it's your life.

A friend who reaches out.  One who I thought was disinterested.  And yet, we add value to each others' lives by being there.

A friend who thinks of me.  Without strings or expectations, simply because she cares.

One who makes me laugh until I cannot catch my breath.

One who admires me, even if there is nothing admirable in my character.  Who respects me, who believes in me.

I could not make it without you.  If you found yourself in there, then I am grateful for you.  Thank you for being kind to me, my friend.


Andy said...

This is one of those posts that your friend writes and you can't believe isn't in syndication on posters, mugs, signs, t-shirts, and billboards.

MindiJo said...

This is a BEAUTIFUL post. Of course you'd have all of those friends. Of course.

You forgot: a friend who tells big fat lies about me and can pull it off like nobody's business.

Leanne said...

The stuff I write that means the most, comes from so deep in my heart, my head doesn't even have to think to write it.

Oh, Mindi. How did I forget BFLs on that list? Without question, I have never laughed harder, with as much joy as I do during BFLs. Especially the whoppers like Peg's blog. And you there, for all of them. Muah.

elizabeth said...

I agree with Mindi. Of course you would have all of these friends. Of course.


Krista said...

Ah, you. You are one of my very favorite people in the entire world. You are so loved by so many because you love so many!

Julie said...

What a sweet post. The boys were telling God the things they were thankful for tonight. And Ethan said, "people who love me." You are a dear friend to many, Leanne. Thanks for loving your friends. :)

Siouxsan Says said...

You are an awesome friend:) Even with only 1 official meeting:)

Jo @ Punkyseed said...

You are the reason you have so many amazing friends. I can't even find words to express my gratitude at being counted among them. I echo what the others have said: Of course you have those friends. Of course.

Diane Lindquist said...

Ah, you are lovely, Leanne. Thanks for the beautiful post. You inspire me to see the world's beauty and appreciate it.

ethiopifinn said...

This post was such a beautiful surprise.

Andy, it will be on all of those things, with LP at the bottom!!!

Bonnie said...

Leanne, You are so loving and caring! Hugs...