Saturday, September 6, 2008

One more then I'm done, I promise.

Mindi - love the shorts. Peg - how handy...your camera case doubles as a cig holder. Note mine in my breast pocket. Okay, I'm done seriously. (Poor Steph, drawn in for no particular reason. Please tell her I'm sorry. At least she looks cute!)


Peggy said...

you totally make me roar over here. then i had to get an up close on mindi's shorts. you are humorous.

MindiJo said...

What? Pleated shorts are totally flattering and cute. Notice: we all have the same hairdo. 'Cept for Steph. She does her own thing. Dang! You would have thought that we were supermodels or something. I totally have this picture, too.

Cyndi said...

Haha! Great photo! I love pleats! Aren't they still in?!

I love these "old" photos. :)