Friday, September 12, 2008

What a Fire Smells Like

Can you smell the stink on this guy? Cory came home from a fire (an actual fire, which, yes, he put out with the help of his crew) and REEKED like fire last night. He was on a high for quite a few hours afterwards. As the wife of a firefighter, I very seldom give much thought to what he does. He leaves for a call and unless it's the middle of the night and he's gone too long, I don't think about what he's doing. I'm so proud of him and his line of work and someday I'll post a picture of him in action. It is a goal of mine to chase a fire truck someday and get close enough to the fire to take a picture. No easy task. First of all, I'm not dragging the kids out of bed. Second of all, in all the "good" fires, they make us stay pretty far back. Hmph. Someday, though, the boys are gonna see their poppa in action. It's pretty amazing. Plus who doesn't love turnout gear (as Ellen would say, "Am I right, ladies?!") Stinky, but adorable.

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