Wednesday, September 3, 2008


You know how sometimes you get a reminder from God? Tonight I was driving along, feeling kind of stressed for my's hard to sell your house in this market. In the midst of feeling anxious about what additional things I can do to help them, I look up and see this. No rain, a beautiful crisp day. And I remember my parents telling me that a rainbow is a sign that God won't ever flood the earth again. And this rainbow, I think, was reminding me that God will take care of us. His way. I love those reminders. Now...anyone in the market for a townhome in Plymouth?


Cyndi said...

I love those times that I refer to as "God Moments," when it is so evident that God is with us. They just bring such a sense of peace. Your rainbow was one of those. :)

Megan Lorraine said...

my jenna LOVES rainbows! They are so special to her that she looks for them all the time! My favorite is when she sees a "sunshine rainbow" on the floor through a window reflection. :)