Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sleepy, Honey?

Cory's addicted to Advil. I keep telling him he should quit, but he figures it's good for every ailment. So he takes it frequently. I buy it in the econo-size...I don't know...300 or so in a bottle? Anyway, about a week ago I cleaned behind my bathroom mirror in an effort to organize everything in this house (figure it'll take me 10 or 12 years). Embarrassed to say I haven't cleaned behind that mirror in the three years we've lived here. In the process, I threw out all expired medication. Included: Vicks vapo-steam, Aspirin, unopened Vitamin D, Tylenol PM. I made a little list of things to replace. Then I remembered an ad for Advil PM and knowing my hubbie's said addiction, I thought...hmm...oughtta try that. So I picked up a small bottle of it at Target. Four days pass. Last night I was brushing my teeth and think to mention to Cory, "Hey, I replaced the Tylenol PM that had expired with Advil PM. Thought you might like that." You know that look of confusion, then registration, then hilarity, then embarrassment? My dear, sweet husband has been liberally taking Advil PM for all of his aches and pains, real and imagined for FOUR DAYS! The label says (which we could hardly read through our laughter) "Do not take more than two tablets in 24 hours." Cory was taking them three and four at a time. Sleepy much, darling? (Which leads me to wonder...do they work? Wonder how much of that is psychological?) Explains the snoozing during his Fire Systems class on Monday afternoon, I guess.


Anonymous said...

Ha! Ha! That is great. But, seriously-that IS highly medicating, makes me tired thinking about it. In the head or not, I cannot keep PM meds in the house anymore or I think I NEED to take before bed. If I have none I sleep fine. hmmm...:) Amy

Anonymous said...

LOL. Oh, Cory.

~LJK (:

MindiJo said...

Whoops. That's pretty funny. Can't imagine it was too easy to stay awake.

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for more posts on your blog- busy much? (: