Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Bits and Pieces Moment

I had a great bits and pieces moment today! I stopped at Panera on a couple hours away from the house (thank you, Cory). As soon as I walked in, I made eye contact with the ex-CEO from Polaris. He graciously stood up and came over to say hello to me right away. Sometimes people avoid eye contact or pretend not to see each other...who here can say that hasn't happened? Anyway, we visited for only a few minutes, and it was genuinely good to see him. He told me that he and his wife were talking about me yesterday because he bumped into my aunt who works at a grocery store in the area, and of course my maiden name was a giveaway.

I recall on his first day as CEO, he came in with his Sorels. As I remember it, he wore them all day. I obviously never sat in a meeting with him or was a direct part of any of his Chief Executive Officer responsibilities at Polaris, but I did work there with him for five or so years. In that time, he took interest in me, and the other co-workers that I lunched with. We lovingly called ourselves The Table (and still do, even though many of us no longer work there). Tom would sit with us from time to time, and I think he was entertained by us...or he was our source of entertainment...hard to say. Either way, he's a good man. [The Table: another entry for another day...it's coming.]

I left after eating my lunch (sans the 1030 calorie chipotle chicken sandwich, sadly) feeling warm. It made me think again that all people in our life impact us in some way...may I repeat:

"You find you are made up of bits and pieces of all who have ever touched your life. You are more because of them and would be less if they had not touched you. Pray God that you accept the bits and pieces with humility and wonder...and never question, and never regret."

Hoping your bits and pieces make you smile, too.


Julie said...

That is so neat. That's kind of refreshing that the CEO of the company would be a sorel-wearing type of guy. I don't picture too many people being like that. Was it a fun job?

I've never heard that quote. Did that inspire the name of your blog?

MindiJo said...

The part about avoiding eye contact was funny. We do do that, don't we? Glad I'm not the only one that has.

As for "the table": screams Lenny. I love that part about you.

And you are right, everybody makes us who we are. Even if it's just a tiny little piece.

Leanne said...

Yes, Julie, it inspired my blog. It's a part of a poem that I heard when I was in high school and has sort of been my mantra all my life. I'll get you a copy. :)

Laura Jean said...

Sometimes, I not only avoid eye contact, I will even cross the street or duck into a different room- depending on the person. ...that was bad to admit, wasn't it? Oops.

I love your quote. And I love that Polaris has a great CEO. :)

penney said...

WOw, I really needed that. I read your bits and pieces quote all the time, but for some reason today it really got me. :)

Elizabeth said...

my favorite is the turkey artichoke panini, possibly that's not low in calories either :(

I love that quote. I stop and read it whenever I open your blog. It's good to remember.

Good story! Sorels do seem appropriate for a Polaris CEO. :)