Monday, January 12, 2009

A Girl Job.

At least...

...I have Cory's Kevlar jacket to keep me warm.
...I finished before that bitter wind that's threatening to arrive.
...I have time to think of new blog entries.
...Jack's taking a good nap so I was able to sneak outside.
...the other two only interrupted me twice: "Leanne! Your phone is ringing!" "Leanne! We're hungry!"
...I got a little extra cardio.
...Cory's agreed to do the heavy, wet March snow (haven't you, Cory?)


Laura Jean said...

Check out my blog- the weather has gotten to the meteorologist (sp)- I had to laugh. :D

cory said...

you have my permission to never shovel again.

Proud husband said...

I have the greatest wife and friend in the world!!

MindiJo said...

Looks like Leanne's husband is a keeper.