Saturday, January 3, 2009

Cole's Favorite Christmas Gift

Cole got a lot of stuff for Xbox 360, many video games, a r/c helicopter, r/c cars, pjs, books, a sled, etc. When I asked him what his favorite game is, he said "Lego Indiana Jones Game. Cause me and Dad play it together."

I love that his favorite gift is really time with his dad. Reminds me that the rest of it is just's the time together that kids cherish. Now I'm off to put mine to bed so I can get some quiet time. Cory's the good parent. Wink.


sis amy said...

Dad time is priceless! Brett got little legos and Playmobile fire guy and police guy. Kev is so good at "being a boy" with him. I can play but Dad KNOWS the lingo and really reaches him. Guess he's the fun parent here, too. sigh.

Laura said...

That's so cute- Cory's an awesome dad!

MindiJo said...

What? So what you are saying is that the Dad's are always the fun parent. Phew! Glad to hear.
At least I am the parent that plays more board games with them.

Leanne said...

Mindi - I have definitely played more games of Memory than Cory this past week!