Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I married well.

I almost hate to post this lest I sound like a gushing braggart, but I kind of feel like one today.

Relationships can be hard. They take work. Nothing's perfect. But if you have a husband like mine (and I know most of my readers do!), you'd want to gush once in awhile too.

I had a pretty stressful couple days. Felt out of control on a lot of levels...parenthood, my house, Facebook-mentioned backed-up drain, laundry, the works. I left this morning to go to a brunch with friends (thanks ladies, it was so great to see you!) and Cory had two hours off before he had to go to work at the fire station this afternoon. He was working on said drain when I left. I came home to a spotless house and the last load of laundry in the dryer. I just sent him a text that my husband is better than his wife.

Treat each other well. It's not really in the big things, it's paying attention to the things he or she needs on a day-to-day basis to cope and be happy that matter the most. Like a clean, under-control house.

Yes, he's a keeper.


Laura Jean said...

Yep, he is. :)

Hope things are going better!

sis amy said...

A good partner indeed!

Have a good one!

Elizabeth said...

a keeper indeed. I hope you're feeling better this afternoon! The sun came out here and it is impossible to be anything but cheery with the brightness and heat on my face. I wish I could send some along ..

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

I love this post. And, you are lucky! I know how much it means to have a husband who lends a hand when you need it most. It makes your heart melt.

I love the hat!

MindiJo said...

Wow! Didn't I say that earlier today? On a comment in an earlier post? He sounds sweet. He always leaves the best comments on your blog.

It's good to have someone thoughtful like that to share your life with.

Julie L. said...

I think perhaps it's always the little things that turn out to be the big things in life..... :) I'm happy that you married well.