Wednesday, February 11, 2009

5. I Love My Husband

If Cory taught a "Relationships for Men" class, here's what he'd teach his students:
1. Spend time with her.
2. Let her have some time alone.
3. Hug her often.
4. Let her cry.
5. Appreciate her.
6. Bring her flowers. Small gestures go a long way.
7. Adore her.
8. Take care of her and she'll take care of you.
Happy Birthday, Sweetheart. Thanks for all of the above.


Laura Jean said...

Happy Birthday Cory! Thanks for treating Leanne so well! :)

Elizabeth said...

I'm glad you found such a great guy!

Happy birthday, Cory!


sis amy said...

Happy Birthday to the man who made my sister's world what it is~wonderful! Thinking about you today and hoping that you get some time to be with your family!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Cory for making Leanne happy.

Julie L said...

Happy Birthday to Cory :)

Anonymous said...

Oh -and Happy Birthday Cory! Hope it's a good one!

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday to Cory!

Leanne said...

Wow, sisters and friends. Thanks for that. He really does make me happy. Effortlessly. (Sometimes I feel guilty that I have him and everyone else doesn't. Silly, huh?)

MindiJo said...

Happy belated birthday to him. The luckiest guy in the world.