Tuesday, February 17, 2009


They didn't exactly get SKUNKED, they caught this:

But they had fun with other stuff too (note: this is in the rented fishhouse (or is it icehouse?)):

Someday, Matty and Jack are going with on the Annual Ice Fishing Overnight. Then...Momma's going to get a night off. It's a pleasant thought.


Laura Jean said...

Phew! I pictured a house scented with skunk! :D

Leanne said...

Oh, that's hilarious, Laura. LOL

Julie L said...

What a special night for the boys. I have lots of pleasant some day thoughts- like Den and I actually going on a date, or out for coffee or maybe even a vacation... I guess that time will come soon enough though.

Laura Jean said...

Wait a minute! I just re-read the post. That was what they caught?! I thought that was the bait! ROFL! Why is he SMILING?!

Megan Lorraine said...

A house that smells like skunk IS NOT GOOD. Last winter around Christmas, we got skunked out of our house for about a week and a half. Two skunks got stuck in our garage and sprayed in there. Needless to say, it smelled like mixed burnt rubber and onions. We had to wash all of our clothes countless times, and throw away lots of food. To give an example of how strong that smell is, it got through un-opened boxes of cereal that were sealed in a plastic bag inside an unopened box. A year and a half later, everyonce in a while you can still get a whiff of it in the basement or front porch. :(

Cory (perch) Peterson said...


The house smelled like a propane heater and boys. Kinda a weird smell....

It is always hot in the house, or else the holes freeze over (perfect for the ladies).

Miles Lac's only has small fish, period. We caught the biggest of the small. Those who can net and spear on Miles Lac get the big fish.

Between the snoring and ice cracking you get NO sleep (unless your 11 years old).


Anonymous said...

I'm sure Mark and my boys would agree with you Cory. No sleep and fun, fun, fun. I would think of nothing but my cozy bed.

Elizabeth said...


that's like my one fishing trip - I caught a fish about that size and I was so very excited that I ran it far down-river to show my brother.