Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sick of Sick.

Seems like all of us here in the midwest are saying, "Isn't this the WORST winter we've had? Doesn't it seem like we've all been sick more than normal [and then list all of our various illnesses]?" That's because we have Seasonal Memory Loss (term invented by yours truly). It turns nice and we forget how much winter takes a toll on us. All the time indoors, the recycled germy air that keeps reinfecting our kids, the cold, the bundling. When it gets to be spring...then summer...followed by the very lovely fall, we have no recollection of this time. And when it sets back in we're patient for about three months: November and December (because it's the very festive holiday season), and January (because we all expect germs in January!). But come February...we're complaining. To everyone. Because we feel bad for the sick kids and we're tired of Clorox and we just want to go play outside!

But here's the thing: it's almost over. Tomorrow brings my favorite month...March (scratch favorite month is May, but I do love March.). We could have a thunderstorm in March. We could have a 50...60 degree day. We could crack our windows open in March. Hang in there, my fellow mid-west winter's coming to an end!

{PS Photo: if you're down and out and the fever is making you miserable, it's okay. Get a nice, cozy blankie (like this Christmas gift from Grandma K.), lots of fluids, and a book about the color green. All will be well.}


Anonymous said...

oh buddy! his cheeks are so flushed and he looks so kissable.

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

Aw, I hope he feels better soon!

One benefit that the fear of Peanut Allergy puts in you: You don't get sick as often.

This has been our best winter--the least amount of sickness. Carter's only had to use his nebs once or twice. Last year, we had several times where I was up all night wondering if we should go to ER.

We haven't stuck around for after church coffee and we haven't taken him out as much in order to limit his exposure. If the side effect of less visiting is that he doesn't have to be on nebs--then it's worth it to me! I've been focusing on being thankful that he's been healthy because of it.

Laura Jean said...

Oh! Poor Matty! I was just thinking tonight that, YES, there really is an end in sight. I am really looking forward to spring and I don't feel like it's that far off! :)

Elizabeth said...

Poor guy.

This has actually been my best winter - yay for reiki - but I think it really has been one of the worst for others. I know so many people who have been sick for weeks, literally, and had multiple rounds of sickness. That is unusual.

We had buds on the trees and a tree full of red flowers .. then we woke up to snow on the ground on Thursday, LOL.

Megan Lorraine said...

I think I just caught the cold that my kids are getting over.... the joys of being a mother.

Julie said...

Poor guy! I love that the book he's reading is titled "Green" though, definitely tickled my funny bone. How fitting! Thanks for the reassurance regarding winter... sigh. Come on thunder!