Wednesday, October 29, 2008

How about this instead?

I hereby resolve:

For the next six days I will say nothing negative about either presidential candidate. I will let the chips fall. I will send love and good energy to Sen. Obama and Sen. McCain and their families. I will not let other people's positions or opinions bother me (unless they're deliberately hurtful. I reserve the right to despise that). I will pray that whichever candidate wins the election, he is given strength, wisdom, and good judgement (God knows he's gonna need it!). I will hope for a cabinet full of intelligent, insightful people who can begin to resolve some of the issues we're facing in the United States.

I will be thankful. I will be thankful for my health. My family. My right to vote. There are women the world over who do not have the luxuries I have been afforded. There are moms who cannot take care of their children or feed them, much less vote or have a voice.

I am thankful for the brave women in the decades before me who fought for my rights.

God bless America!
ETA: As I re-read this, I realize it's a bit mushy, but I do mean it. Just my disclaimer that I'm aware of the kumbaya factor.


Elizabeth said...

Yay for you.

I resolved to be nice a few weeks ago and have been moderately successful, but then I saw a "Best of" video on YouTube this morning. Oh well, I needed the laugh.

I want to pray that Sen. Obama wins the election - because of the women in our country who don't have the luxuries that you describe and for so many other reasons - but I am not. I figure that God gave us free will and so it's up to us "to be the change we wish to see". :)

Leanne said...

Love it, Lib. We're having a very interesting discussion on a message board right now about "free will vs. God's will." It's very thought provoking! I'm trying not to pray for any one thing, but for strength and wisdom for all. Thank you, Ghandi, for the some of the wisest words ever.

Elizabeth said...

That would be an interesting discussion. It makes me think of a C.S. Lewis book - The Problem of Pain. If you haven't read it, it's about free will because it's addressing the common argument, "There can't be a God because, if there was, he wouldn't allow all this suffering." Good read - I should re-read it, I think.

Laura Jean said...

In 5 days, your hero (and I mean that kindly) will be elected president, and all will be good!

Krizzie said...