Sunday, October 5, 2008

Jack and The Calf

Saturday was Plymouth on Parade. I took Matty to the parade while Jack napped at home with his babysitter, Lindsey. Then Matty and I picked up Jack and Lindsey for the was a blast! They offered hayrides, inflatables, petting zoo, face painting, etc. all courtesy of the City. Jack's favorite was the petting zoo. In essence, I think, he was just like those little animals, sweet and excited. This little calf and he took off running in separate directions to check something out and clonked heads. Hard. Jack cried for about two minutes and then wanted back down. This is when I took him back over to apologize to the calf (who's to say the calf didn't have a headache too??) "Whatcha eating? Grass?"

I like to think I'm a fairly trusting individual. But when I downloaded this picture (of Jack and the calf pre-crash) I'm thinking the calf might have been planning that collision all along. Don't you think the look in his eye says "watch out little man, you're not gonna steal MY show!"

He loved ALL the animals. Not sure the animals really loved him back.

Matty, Jack and Lindsey on a City dumptruck. Little boys dream come true.

The parade was great! It turns out, however, that Matty can do about 60 minutes of parade - that's it. Pretty hard for a little guy to sit still any longer than that. Oh, and the resounding chorus, "But mom! I'm SO thirsty!" Note: bring water bottle next time. We had a glorious, beautiful fall afternoon to be outside!


Anonymous said...

LOVE Jack "apologizing" to the calf- "Sorry I bonked your head, baby cow!" Did he ever get a bruise?


Anonymous said...

Oh, your boys are SO sweet.


Anonymous said...

Jack-Jack! The all time lover of all! I thought that I had a special thing going that he loves me, but I guess I have the same thing going as a calf?!?!? I love this little man so much!OXOXOXO


MindiJo said...

Way too cute!!