Friday, November 7, 2008

Sleepy Reminder

Then Shannon reminded me of this story. When we lived in Arizona, we shared a room - and a double bed. One night she was sleeping facing away from me. I was, as I recall, in a coughing fit. To calm me, presumably, she reached behind her back to sort of pat me on the back. Except I was laying on my back. When I'm sleeping I think NOTHING is funny. So I ignored her. Then she did it again. I then asked her what she was doing. When she realized she was reassuringly patting my chest, she dissolved into hysterics. I never even cracked a smile. Until morning and many times since then.

One time after I moved back to MN, I went down to AZ to visit her. Shannon worked nights so her room was dark as pitch. I'm pretty sure she filled those windows with something. (Oh, well, her security deposit.) I went to bed earlier than she did one night. When she came in the room, I woke up and guess I had to pee. But I couldn't even see my hand in front of my face. Anyway, I was pretty sure I knew where the bathroom was so I headed that direction. No lie, I was confident enough that I didn't even have my arms outstretched looking for the walls. THen BOOM! Crack full-figure into the wall. I remember my face even touching it. LOL! She asked me what I was doing through her giggles and I said, "I can't find the bathroom." No snicker, no smile. I was sleepy. Boy, I've been laughing about that all day again!


MindiJo said...

I've heard those stories before. But they are funny.

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

Hilarious! - had me bustin' a gut.

Anonymous said...

I laugh everytime!! I remember that you could never really stay up past midnight or else look out! Thanks for the laugh I needed it!


Shannon said...

This story still always cracks me up .. its still so vivid and clear in my head and still so darn funny ...!!