Friday, July 17, 2009

For the next seven days...

...I'll be on vacation. And since I'll be facebook-less, I thought I'd share with you a few of the likely Status Updates I'll be thinking of and would post if I had the internet:

Leanne... done with that bag of cherry twizzler bites. eating. Again.
...went fishing with Cole (huh? you?).
...built a bigger sandcastle than Matthew.
...reading her second book. eating. Again. properly sunkissed!
...misses Facebook.
...filled her 4gb memory card. Again.
...wishes she had picnik.
...misses you.

Have a great, blessed week. Muah.


Laura Jean said...

"Leanne has 143 mosquito bites."

"Leanne is fairly certain it was a rabid fox Jack made friends with."

"Leanne's face was the shade of a ripe tomato...that is now peeling layer by layer."

"Leanne attempted to take Cole's fish off the hook- Man, those fins are sharp!"

"Leanne misses Laura even more than her own bed!"

Chrissy said...

Yeah... pretty sure your vacation will be MUCH more eventful than that. Unless you're leaving the boys at home...

MindiJo said...

"Leanne loves fireflies."

"Leanne realized that it was a rabid racoon, not a fox, that is Jack's new friend/'kitty'."

"Leanne ate one too many s'mores."

"Leanne wishes that she could read Mindi's blog. Even though she hasn't been updating it."

"Leanne does not know how to fillet a fish."

"Leanne had to have Cole put the worm on her hook."

"Leanne is not an up north, outdoorsy type woman."

"Leanne should get home already." Oh, wait, that might be mine.

Leanne said...

These are hilarious. I need to update this!