Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I'll still post some pictures here during my vacation - my faves - but to see all of them, you can visit here:

Leanne's Photo Site

Please note: I have uploaded 277 photos from the first four days of vacation. I have deleted at least that many. There are bound to be repeats, and my subjects are getting bored. I'm having a blast though!


Amy M said...

Love the pictures! Glad you are having fun with camera and on your vacation!

sis amy said...

Looks like a FUN week you are having. Makes me realize how much I would love to have a vaca with my family this year. You are blessed to have such great in-laws to share these joys with:)

Scandy said...

I want your camera. And Jack Jack's Silly Monkey jumper.

MindiJo said...

I love your camera, too.
BTW: Love Cory's Victory shirt. Still supporting good ole Polaris!

Leanne said...

Thanks, all! You cannot have my camera, Andy. I'm in love. With Jack's outfit, too, come to think of it.

That particular shirt, Mindi, is signed by the great Richard Petty. Just so you know. ;)