Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Status Updates


...finished that bag of Twizzlers as fast as she thought she would.
...loves guacamole, but wishes avacados were calorie-free. going to Itasca State Park tomorrow.
...loves her new camera.
...'s photography subjects are getting sick of pictures.
...doesn't care.
...misses Laura's bed. Wait. I don't think that was it.
...misses Mindi's blog. Heehee.
...feels slightly guilty about having internet access. Slightly. over her guilt. enjoying vacation!
...will fill you in later...


Laura Jean said...

If you slept in my bed, you would miss it for real.

MindiJo said...

Yeah, but the fat in avocados is good for you. That's how I always jusitify it. Trust me. I LOVE guac. And I eat a lot of it.

I knew you'd miss my blog! ;)