Sunday, July 12, 2009


I decided to go to Michigan about a week before I left. Most of you know I am not spontaneous. I like my schedule. But I've really wanted to go see my sisters and I'm happy I did. We ended up coming home Saturday afternoon instead of Sunday morning, and it was a fantastic trip.


- Unexpected stops with the four year old. He had to pee when we got to Ashland and by the time we got through the town (less than 10 minutes) we had to find a tree on the side of the road because he was miserable again. Then I took the juice cup away!
- The challenging drive. The four year old was miserable in the car. Needed to know every five minutes when we were going to be there. And without another adult to occasionally deflect that question, it started to feel like nails on a chalkboard.
- The kids' happiness. On Friday, Jack said, "I go home, Mommy." But then I asked him if he wanted to go throw rocks in the lake, "YEAH! I go throw rocks in lake!!" Good enough; easy to please.
- Watching Cole become a Yooper. He did not want to leave. He's such an outdoorsman, I guess it's no surprise. But after his first sauna/swim (he even pronounces it correctly now! Sow-na!), and pasty for lunch on Saturday, there was no going back. Someone send him a Yooper bumper sticker, please.
- Seeing my family. It's a crazy bunch, but those neices and nephews are so stinkin' cute. I miss them already.
- Sedar Bay (where the above photos were taken). My grandparents live on Lake Superior and this picture was taken at their home. It's the most wonderful, beautiful place on earth. God's country, indeed.
- Sandfly bites. (No, I didn't say these would all be GOOD highlights.) I am very itchy.
- Peg. She's the only friend I got to see up there due to our really packed schedule, but I loved every minute of it. How come some friendships only get better? And ours was so good to begin with. I love you, Peg!
It was a long, tiring drive. It was a lot of juggling around the three boys solo. And while I won't do it husband-less again, this one goes in the No Regrets folder. God speed, Michigan, thanks for having us!


ethiopifinn said...

Oh, I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I have spent a lot of time on that beach (mainly with Kathleen), and I just love it.

It is hard to be away from home with kids, but it seems like it is worth it for friends and family time :)

elizabeth said...

I'm glad you had fun!

I love all the windows on that house.

concerned friend said...

sauna = saw-na, not sow-na

Leanne said...

Concerned friend = Cory. Guh.

Megan Lorraine said...

I knew as soon as I saw your first picture that you went to grandpa and grandma's house! How fun! I bet they were glad to see you. :)

Scandy said...

My Finn Gramma once said that when the word is pronounced "saw=na," it's a brothel. I'm just sayin'.

I think this still counts as a PG response. I'll leave it in your capable hands, Leanne.

Congrats on the adventure! As they get older, it'll get easier. Don't swear off another solo-adult trip, yet. :)


MindiJo said...

I'm glad that you had fun, even with the drive factored in. Beautiful pics.

Concerned friend. Ha!

Super glad you had time for Peg.

Laura Jean said...

Isn't Sedar Bay the BEST?!
I especially love that Cole is a yooper! :D
And I only got one bite. A big, fat, ITCHY one on the neck.
And, ROFL, sow-na's are brothels?!