Tuesday, March 24, 2009

For Laura

As many of you know, my sister Laura and her husband want to be parents, but God has not yet willed it. But today, I just want her to know that no matter what...always...she has us.
Laura is the world's best aunt. She listens to all the boring stories and is genuinely interested. She laughs with me, not just a polite laugh, she loves my kids so much. Davin is no different (although I don't call him with the kids' stories on a regular basis.) :)

I don't know if they realize how valuable it is as a parent to have someone care that much. Additionally, she is an amazing sister. She has always been there for me, and knows me so well. I will always be grateful for you!

Me and these guys love you!


sis amy said...

I love you, as well, Laura. I know that this day is hard for you and maybe even several tomorrows... Hang in there and let yourself feel the love and hope that is being sent your way. (you and Davin both!)

MindiJo said...

Everybody needs a sister like that.

Laura Jean said...

Way to make a girl cry. I love you guys too- and Cole and Cory. Thanks for your endless support. :)

Julie said...

Laura is so special to me- her and Davin are like family to us. They are incredibly caring individuals and it's only fitting that Ethan thinks of them as "aunt" and "uncle". Hope the days get easier, L&D. We love you!