Friday, March 13, 2009

His Heart: A Poem

Hey, Mom, he says
Wanna hear my heart beep?
Nothing more in the world.
My head on his chest.
boom boom, boom boom.
His quick, healthy life.
Then, can I hear your heart beep?
His little ear
Pressed to my chest
Listening for the first time
in amazement that makes him giggle
boom-boom, boom-boom
The same sound in all of us -
Human beings
Mother and child.
The sound of Life.
boom-boom, boom-boom.

Our hearts beeping, mine and his.


MindiJo said...

So you don't post for a couple days. Then you come up with something cute like this. Good job, Leanne. Love it.

I love how kids say "heart beep".

Elizabeth said...

very touching

ethiopifinn said...

this is worth enduring lincoln logs.

Cory said...

I beep you

Leanne said...

Thanks, Mindi. I was totally second-guessing myself with a POEM. I'm not really a poet. It's just the way this story came to me to be told. :)

Jenny - indeed.

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

Great post!

Julie said...

That is so touching and wonderfully written! Awesome work!

Laura Jean said...

What? You wrote it??? I love it! I totally thought you stole it! Awesome- go put it on K-chat! Plus, I love that I got to see Matty make a heart with his hands yesterday. :)

Cyndi said...

so, so, so precious! Thank you for sharing!

sis amy said...

Publish it:)

Tara said...

I love it, Leanne, seriously love it. It is very touching and makes me want to smile, cry and hug my kids.

Anne H said...

Leann, I guess "your a poet and you don't know it". I was looking for the name of the author. It is THAT good!!

MindiJo said...

You WROTE it? I wondered, but didn't ask. It's great. I love it.

Leanne said...

You are all so sweet! I'd say I wrote it, but it was composed in my head one night before I wrote it down. So I created it, I guess. I'm trying to redefine my creativity. :)

Leanne said...

Amy - I did publish it. Here. ;)

Katie said...

Beautifully written