Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy St. Urho's Day

Someone gave me this years ago. I went and dug it up for the occasion...enjoy. (Pull out your best Finnglish; you're gonna need it. Never mind. I translated for those who need it.)

Ooksie Kooksi Koolam Vee,
(One, two three, four)
Sant Urho is ta poy for me.
(Saint Urho is the boy for me.)
He sase out ta hopperce as pik as pirts,
(He chased out those grasshoppers as big as birds)
Nefer pefore haf I hurd tose verts.
(Never before have I heard those words)
He really tolt tose puks of kreen -
(He really told those bugs of green)
Prafest Finn I effer seen.
(Bravest Finn I ever saw)
Some celebrate for Saint Pat unt his nakes,
(Some celebrate for Saint Pat and his snakes)
Put Urho poika cot fhat it takes.
(But Urho boy got what it takes.)
He cot tall unt trong from feelia sour,
(He got tall and strong from sour milk (I think))
And ate kalla moyakka effery hour.
(And ate fish stew every hour.)
Tats fhy that kuy could sase those peetles
(That's why that guy would chase those beetles)
Fhat crew as tick as chack pine neetles.
(That grew as thick as jack pine needles)
So let's gif a cheer in our pest way
(So let's give a cheer in our best way)
On ta sixteent of Mats, St. Urho's Tay!
(on the sixteenth of March, St. Urho's Day!)


Also, worth reading: this guys blog.


MindiJo said...

Seriously, Leanne, where did you find Karl Luntta? For real? I'm laughing so hard. The guy is a great writer. I checked out his most recent post and his only comment is from himself.

Do tell, who is he? And why does that name sound familiar? Maybe just because all finn names sound familiar.

Thanks for the good laugh.

Leanne said...

Mindi - my aunt Maria asked what the traditional meal is for St. Urho's day so I googled it. His blog popped up. I'm SO glad I found it. I think Karl Luntta is super fun to say. :)

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

In our paper the translation said "one, two, three, five" that the correct way...? I have no idea, but I was mindboggled when I read that part! Either someone made a typo, or he's making fun of us Finns (including himself). Haha! I couldn't figure it out...

Julie said...

Lol! Don't we all know at least one person who sounds somewhat similar to that? I forgot it was St. Urho's Day- thanks for the reminder.

Leanne said...

Jen - probably 1, 2, 3 5. I don't know Finn. Someone gave me this poem years ago... :)

ethiopifinn said...

it *is* shortened "five", americanized :)

Julie said...

Too bad that guy doesn't post on his blog more often, he's pretty funny!

Laura Jean said...

I must confess- I am the WORST Finn ever. I have no pride for the heritage- even when I try to LOVE St. Urho's day all I can think is "Seriously? Purple and grasshoppers?" :P

But I do appreciate everyone else enjoying it- there is enough Finn pride out there to make up for the lack on mine. Right?

Jan said...

I think the official meal would have to be "kulla mojakka" (not sure on my spelling there) which is fish soup or stew. I know my mom made it for us at least once on St. U's day. Leanne, next year you'll have to come up here to celebrate, I think you be able to get into it much easier!

Jan said...

oops, I meant Laura should come up here.

Laura Jean said...

Eh, Laura's fine being a plain ol' American. Davin's grandpa taught me how to say "Merry Christmas" in finnish- it took a good 10 minutes- why the language so dang hard? ;P

andy said...

Leanne, thanks so much for posting that poem. I can't wait to pass it on to my mother, the 100%-er. Leave it to you to illuminate more of my Finnish heritage!

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

Haha! Laura...I have to admit, Mark and I are with you. :) We'll join you for the 'worst Finn ever' position.

(Probably the main reason we haven't joined in on too many of the celebrations since moving here.)

Krizzie said...


Very good to see this here, MN Finns celebrate our heritage much more then Yoopers to my dismay. Even shirttail Finns I've worked with in MN AND CO celebrated St. Urho's Day!! I'm trying to get more people to celebrate here in da' UP.

Diane Lindquist said...

Leanne - I love all your blog postings, but this one took me back many years to my 1st summer as a Bible camp counselor where our camp had a float in the Menagha, MN "St. Urho Days" parade. It was a delightful day celebrating this saint I'd never heard of (and, not being Finnish, have not heard of since ... until now!). OK, on to the crazy part (and I apologize in advance for any potential offense): The highlight of this particular year's celebration (1982, to be exact) was the raising and christening of a brand new statue of St. Urho in the middle of town. A few days after the day of festivities, we came across the local newspaper's coverage of the events: a two page spread of lovely photos of the parade, children cavorting, and other highlights of the day, with a large photo of the sparkling new statue in the center. The headline (in appropriately large font), was, I kid you not: "The Erection of St. Urho" There was not a hint of irony or any indication of any possible "misunderstanding" .... we childish college camp counselors were quite amused. All silliness aside, it really was a delightful day and a fun celebration, so I have nothing but fond memories of St. Urho!