Sunday, March 15, 2009

I'll take the mud. No problem.

My favorite things about this weekend:
1. Cory was home all weekend. We had a much-needed family weekend. (Honestly, I can't tell you the last time he was home a Fri/Sat/Sun...could be a year or more.)
2. We got to see some friends we haven't seen for five years that we reconnected with on facebook.
3. It smells weird, like Spring. ("weird" courtesy of Matthew)
4. We got lots of fresh air.
5. We know that it's only going to get warmer.


Elizabeth said...

sounds like a great weekend! I'm glad. :)

I'm kind of with Matthew .. aside from the lovely smells of spring, there is also the smell of mud. And mud smells weird. ;)

Jo said...

I love that wierd spring smell. It just arrives one day, and even though there's still snow, you know spring is coming.

MindiJo said...

Oh, sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. Glad to hear it.

Laura Jean said...

I'll take weird smell for sure! Plus, I've been listening to birds chirping for the past hour as I sit here. Love it!

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

I love the smell of spring. And those red mud boots.

(Does that make it sound like I love the smell of the boots? I can't tell. I'm no English major!)

Krizzie said...

Glad you had a good family week-end, try to get more of those before another year is up.

ah, the springtime dirt & dairy-air of MN :)