Friday, March 6, 2009

Revisiting this New Year's Resolution

1. Lose 30 lbs (anyone NOT want to lose weight this year?!)

Okay, here are my notes on the above resolution:

1. It's up to me. I can do it if I want.
2. I don't need a gym membership. There's nothing wrong with my treadmill.
3. I have to stop using excuses.
4. I have exercised the past four days consecutively.
5. If you don't believe me, ask my sore abs.
6. Or my tired calves.
7. We booked our summer vacation.
8. I have a lot of cute summer clothes to bring with.
9. None of them fit me.
10. I can do it!

Just needed to talk about that for a minute. Thanks for listening!


ethiopifinn said...

yes you can! i'm at 4th weeks with no weight reduction (and thankfull no gain), guess that means I need sore abs and calves. yuck. oh, make that, i am up for a challenge!

ethiopifinn said...

obviously i meant 4 weeks, or the 4th week. so fired up i went with the combo :)

sherry said...

I loved the part about lots of cute summer clothes, but they don't fit. I'm in the same boat.

Elizabeth said...

a) You can do it.


b) You mentioned the Law of Attraction in your happiness post so I thought I'd throw this out there. :) According to LoA, you wouldn't want to want to lose weight, because then you'll always attract losing weight (meaning needing to lose weight). I haven't tested LoA ideas out much but I think it's an interesting concept. :)

Elizabeth said...

Hey .. if you want a fun way to break a sweat .. watch dance movies like Step Up 2 or Dirty Dancing or Honey or .. and dance along during the dance scenes. I love doing this. The other weekend, I watched Step Up 2 three times because I was having so much fun dancing to it. I told Amy that I was totally meant to be a street dancer in another life, LOL.

Leanne said...

Uh oh, you're right Libby! So what am I supposed to attract? Health? Through diet and exercise? HELP!?

Elizabeth said...

Here's how I understand it .. you need to figure out what you do want to attract - a specific weight, fitness goals, a size, fitting into clothes, health .. Essentially you need to get clear on what you want, state it as if it has already happened, figure out exactly how you will feel and look and behave once you achieve those goals, and then live as if you had achieved them already.

Simplistically, though, if you just look at your goal as "becoming healthy and fit" rather than "losing 30 pounds", that might work better!

Laura Jean said...

I have a number (lbs to lose) in mind, but ultimately I want to FEEL healthy, and I think that's at the fore-front of my mind. In fact, I have decided I only want to weigh once a month, versus once a week. That's good energy, right? ;)

Oh, and I already told you, Leanne, but I went to the gym today for the first time in MONTHS, and I loved doing 10 minutes each on different machines to mix it up. I also love Dance Dance Revolution, although my "dancing" cannot in any universe actually be considered dancing! :D

MindiJo said...

How did I miss this post? Plus, in that pic on Laura's blog at MOA you look fantastic. Not like you need to lose weight. Serious. I'm not just saying it because I'm your friend. And green puffy vests usually aren't the most slimming thing. But you still look good.

Cyndi said...

I think the more I focus on just having exercise and healthy eating become a part of your "normal" day-to-day life, and the less I focus on the actual weight loss, the more successful I am at losing lbs/inchs. That's what I've found for me, anyway.

Plus, you CAN do it! You've done it before! Plus again, I thought you were lookin' GRRRRRRRREAT at the benefit last week! (wow, when did Tony the Tiger take up residence in my mind?! Lol!)